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Our multidisciplinary research team is led by Dr. Sharon Oviatt, Director. During the past year it included two postdoctoral visiting scientists, a programmer, a research assistant, and five student interns with expertise in interface design, science, and diverse student populations.

Student and postdoctoral trainees are supported by Incaa Designs’ Science & Technology Internship and International Visiting Scientist Programs, which are funded by federal grants and contracts and private donations. Trainees participate in the design, development, and evaluation of educational interfaces, in learning about how to conduct scientific research, and in the development of leadership and teamwork skills related to science and education.

Our group includes researchers with different disciplinary backgrounds, typically including education, cognitive science, computer science and engineering, linguistics, cross-cultural anthropology, biological and environmental science, and other areas. Our team also ranges from high school students to senior scientists. Because we believe in participatory design, it typically includes members of the student groups for whom we are designing new technologies.