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Incaa Designs is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that researches, designs, and evaluates the impact of innovative new educational interfaces. We specialize in human-centered interface design that preserves students’ ability to attend and perform well with minimal distraction.

We are committed to design innovation, and objective evaluation of the impact of educational technologies on diverse students’ ability to learn well in different contexts. We are interested in ensuring that educational technologies improve the learning opportunities and lives of all people. For example, our studies identify which technologies avoid expanding the achievement gap between student groups that differ in gender, age, race, cultural or language background, physical or cognitive disability status, and related factors.

We provide hands-on research experience for high school and university students, postdoctoral fellows, and international visiting scientists through our Science & Technology Internships and International Visiting Scientist Programs. We also organize workshops and disseminate our findings widely through publications.