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Our Scientific Advisory Board members provide expert scientific, technical, educational, and organizational advice on our research, technology design, assessment strategies, and other topics.

Dr. Bertram Bruce is a Professor of Library & Information Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; he is an educator and computer scientist with contributions in science education, technology support for education, learner diversity, and other areas. He is author of Literacy in the Information Age: Inquiries Into Meaning Making with New Technologies, and recipient of a Fulbright Distinguished Chair at the National College of Ireland.

Tom Gaffney is an Educational Researcher at the Center for Technology in Learning (CLT), SRI International;  He is a well known senior researcher in technology support for education, math and science education, and evaluation and assessment.

Patty Kreikemeier is Director of Research, Evaluation & Assessment at the Lawrence Hall of Science, U.C.-Berkeley. She is a well known education researcher, former science teacher, and expert in evaluation techniques, science education, curricula, and educational policy.

Dr. Karon Maclean is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia, Canada; Dr. Maclean’s multidisciplinary expertise includes haptics, multisensory and multimodal interfaces, tangible and mobile interfaces, user attention and cognitive load, and psychophysical assessment. She is Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Haptics, and the recipient of an Izzak Walton Killam Memorial Faculty Research Fellowship.

John Sweller, Ph.D., is an Emeritus Professor of Education at the University of New South Wales, Australia; He is an internationally known educator and Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, who pioneered Cognitive Load Theory. He has worked extensively on techniques for facilitating problem solving and learning in students.

Dr. Andy Van Schaack teaches in the Education Dept. of Vanderbilt University, and is Senior Science Advisor at Livescribe Corp.; His interests include technology support for learning, mobile digital paper and pen interfaces, and student diversity.